Laser Dental Treatment

Laser Dental Treatment

Depending on the type of laser, the treatments are different. There are lasers in different wavelengths with different actions, for this reason, Dr. Rattier has invested in two lasers, one called "diode" and another erbium-chromium.

Thanks to the specificity of each of these lasers, we can therefore broaden the possibility of interventions: implementing gum treatments in the case of periodontal diseases and gingivitis, without performing invasive surgery, disinfecting periodontal pockets up to the treatment of small cavities.


The laser has allowed a great advance in periodontal problems, thus avoiding surgeries such as flaps.


The major advantage of the laser is to eliminate the scalpel for surgical procedures, which is traumatic for the soft tissues, it is useful for the placement of implants in the flapless method.


Many dental treatments can be done with a laser, such as dental whitening of course, but also medical treatments.

The laser cleans the gums and can avoid surgery in many cases, it can also be useful when placing dental implants.

The major contribution of the laser is the decontamination of periodontal pockets in gum treatments which in many cases avoid conventional and unpleasant surgeries.

The laser makes it possible to treat small cavities without anesthesia and without the need for the turbine.

In some cases, cavities by the type of care to be provided to seal them, will still require preparation with the famous "strawberry".

It cleans up the periodontal tissues, decontaminates, relieves pain...

It is used for the treatment of peri-implantitis.....

Treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis with laser

The laser in cases of gingivitis and periodontitis, stimulates the gum cells for faster healing starting from the bottom of the pocket.

This healing is ideal and avoids surgical periodontal treatments: in addition to reducing inflammation, laser therapy can disinfect periodontal pockets.

The laser treatment is done after deep scaling (root planing) or by lithotripsy and implementation of the most effective hygiene technique possible. For optimal results, several laser sessions may be necessary at regular intervals to allow rapid and ideal healing from a healthy and clean environment.

Treatment of canker sores and herpes with Laser

The laser helps to calm the inflammation and the pain effect of mouth ulcers and herpes.

Laser freinectomy

Laser treatment tends to simplify this minor surgery, the post-operative effects much more pleasant and the healing much faster, also avoiding suture threads in many cases.

Lingual and vestibular freinectomy without bleeding.

Laser crown elongation

This is often a pre-prosthetic periodontal surgery procedure.

Coronary laser elongation avoids conventional surgery and allows better healing.

Laser Dental Treatment
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