Stomach Surgery

Stomach Surgery

What is Tube Stomach Surgery?

The process of giving the shape of a banana to the stomach and removing some of it by surgical technique is called gastric sleeve surgery. Thanks to the developing technology, it is done with laparoscopic technique. As the stomach size decreases, the amount of food intake decreases. It is preferred because it has many advantages such as breaking insulin resistance and losing weight.

To Whom Is Tube Stomach Surgery Applied?

It can be applied to people with a body mass index above 35 and who do not have any metabolic disease that may prevent surgery. It is not recommended for people with advanced diabetes and uncontrolled reflux. For sleeve gastrectomy surgery, a doctor's check is performed first, and during this check, the person's routine blood tests are performed.

Operations cannot be performed on those with advanced psychological disorders, those who are not suitable for anesthesia, patients who cannot change their diet and lifestyle after surgery, those with serious endocrine disorders, those who plan to become pregnant within one year, and those who are addicted to harmful substances.

Although it is a procedure with a minimal risk of complications, if the patient does not meet the appropriate criteria for the operation, surgery should not be performed.

What is Tube Stomach Surgery Duration?

The average operation time is 90 minutes. The duration of the operation may vary depending on the experience of the surgeon performing the operation, the surgical technique and the size of the stomach. After making the necessary checks, the doctor can give detailed information about the duration of the operation.

How Much Weight Do Those Who Have Tube Stomach Surgery Lose?

During the surgery, while the stomach size is reduced, the secretion of the hunger hormone is also reduced. In this way, the person's appetite decreases and he starts to lose weight. In the first months after the surgery, a rapid weight loss period is entered. In the first month, 15-20 kilos are lost on average, while the second month varies between 10-5 kilos. It is expected to lose 40 kilos in total in the first six months. The increase in the weight loss rate can change with the compliance of the person's diet and exercise program.

At the end of the first 6 months, it is important to lose at least 60% of the targeted weight. If weight loss cannot be achieved at the targeted rate, research should be done. Being balanced and careful while losing weight ensures that the standard of living is maintained.

Until What Age Is Tube Stomach Surgery Performed?

The surgery can be applied to any healthy individual between the ages of 18-65. The upper age limit has been determined by the World Health Organization as a result of some studies. Since the metabolic diseases of the person increase after 65 years of age, this operation may be more risky.

How to Feed After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Pre- and post-operative nutrition programs are vitally important. Especially since the operation reduces food absorption, the person should take care to get all the minerals and vitamins he needs in his diet. In the first week, only liquid foods are consumed. In the second week, mashed foods can be taken. At the end of 3 months, meat type foods can be taken. Since the stomach is shaped into a tube in sleeve gastrectomy surgery, the body should be allowed to adapt to the new shape of the stomach.

Is Tube Stomach Surgery Applicable to Everyone?

Morbidly obese people with a body mass index of 35-40 are suitable for this operation. Since surgery is risky in patients who are 40 and over, the patient should first decrease to the determined weight. He can have this surgery after his body mass index is brought to the operational limit with diet and exercise program.

How is the process of returning to normal after gastric sleeve surgery?

Since the operation is performed laparoscopically, the process of returning to normal is very fast and comfortable. In the closed surgery, the muscles and tissues in the abdominal region are not damaged. In this way, the patient returns to normal life in a short time. On the first day, the patient is mobilized and stands up. After 24 hours, the drains are removed and the patient is discharged. Pain that develops in the form of mild stinging and pressure is relieved by drug therapy.

Is There Any Scar After Tube Stomach Surgery?

In the laparoscopic application, 4 thin incisions of 1 cm are made in the abdomen. These incisions are entered with a camera device. With effective wound care after the operation, the incisions become indistinct within 2 months. There is no trace left. If complications develop, the scar cannot heal adequately and a scar remains. Therefore, post-operative care is important.

Is There Any Pain After Tube Stomach Surgery?

Thanks to the developing technology and changing surgical techniques, minimal tissue damage is done in surgical operations as long as possible. In the closed tube gastric surgery procedure, the abdominal region is not damaged either. Therefore, the patient's pain is almost non-existent. The effect of drugs applied especially for local anesthesia lasts at least 10 hours. Therefore, postoperative pain is minimal.

Is Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Taken After Tube Stomach?

Regular doctor checks are made after the operation. If there is any problem in the body values in the blood tests applied in these controls, vitamin and mineral supplements are started. However, if the patient is healthy and the stores in the body are full, there is no need for supplementation. People who do not get enough vitamins due to the decrease in food absorption begin to feel tired. People who experience severe fatigue in the first six months can start vitamin supplements by getting a doctor's control.

How Many Days Will You Stay In The Hospital After Tube Stomach?

The length of hospital stay depends on the patient's pain threshold and the success of the operation. A 24-hour hospitalization may be sufficient for people with a short operation time and no complications. However, in general, there may be 3 days of hospitalization. If the patient does not feel well and thinks that he cannot cope with the pain, this period can be extended.

Some hospitals may extend the hospital stay to increase the cost of the procedure. In such cases, you can consult your doctor before the operation in order not to be a victim. Gastric sleeve surgery is not a procedure that requires hospitalization for a long time. Your doctor will inform you about how long you should stay after you have the necessary controls.

When Do Stitches Heal After Tube Stomach Surgery?

During the operation, sutures are placed both inside and outside the body. The stitches inside are applied to protect the new shape of the stomach. It takes 15 days for these stitches to heal. Small incisions on the outside heal in a period of 1 week. 1 month is required for the sutures not to sting and for full healing.

Stomach Surgery
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